Remembering Our Pioneer Homestead

(The Sampler Maker's Farmhouse is authored by Pamela, the same author as Our Pioneer Homestead.)
After much thought, I felt I needed to retire OPH, and provide new material, yet ... the same kind of material, but with a brand new fresh start- here at the Sampler Maker's Farmhouse.
However, many readers have expressed to me the importance of preserving some of their favorite content from OPH. So I will be transferring the best of OPH over to this website.
I look forward to sharing with you my favorite products, ideas and of course, my passion, for all things primitive.
Here is a look back........ 


  1. Hi Pamela, you're so talented.. i love all your delightful creations! It's so lovely revisiting OPH again :)) Marian x

  2. Everything is so beautiful, you are so brilliantly talented. I was hoping you had a bee skep tutorial up. I would love to learn your secret.