Craft of the Day; Print Upon Enamelware~ Old French Chic DIY.

I LOVE enamelware. 
When I picked up this old enamelware tray from the thrift shop,(I  love old junk made beautiful) I wanted to turn this tray into an old advertisement sign;  but how to apply such delicate print????   Stenciling was out of the question; the letters were to small......
Then it occurred to me, what if I printed on tissue paper! It is semi see- through..... Yes!!!!
-Take a regular sheet of paper, and apply glue all along the very edges with a roll up glue stick.
-Then, smooth (over that gluey paper) with the tissue paper, shiny side down, starting on one side & smoothing outward so that the tissue paper is adhered tauntly to the undersheet. Cut off excess.(It may have a couple of small wrinkles.)
-When dry, print upon it, & then with scissors cut all along the edges to free the tissue paper from the under-sheet.
-Carefully, gently, apply roll up glue stick to the back of the tissue print, holding the tissue paper with your fingers to prevent grabbing and ripping. Apply the glue in small sections....GENTLY
-Lay the print on the enamelware, starting with a corner and smooth- smooth- smooth it outward, eliminating the air bubbles as you go. (dull old enamelware will look the best!) If it tears , just smooth down. It looks great  torn.
-You will be able to see the scuffs and marks of the enamelware through the paper, making it a semi-opaque print, helping the print to really blend into the piece.

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