Formerly, Our Pioneer Homestead

Welcome to my new blog, The Sampler Maker's Farmhouse~
It is authored by Pamela, the same author as Our Pioneer Homestead.
I am currently under construction, but I will be finished building soon.
The fonts are off, and graphics might change in the next little while.
If I am in the process of editing live, things might look darn right off, lol
I can't wait to offer my tutorials and OMG 25$ sales here at the Sampler Maker's Farmhouse.
Not to worry,
I will be transferring Your favorite OPH photos, videos and tutorials over to this blog.
However, I was not aware as to how much content there is to transfer!
I am super excited to get started- sharing with You my favorite crafts~

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  1. Oh how exciting!!!
    Can't wait to see what you've been up to!